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I.ReBook(I Recycle A Book)

此活动的筹委会主席是来自Leo Club of Chittagong Platinum Leo District 325-B2 Bangladesh的
Leo Nazmul Islam
共有10个国家参与此活动, 即
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
身为LEO的一份子, 丹中幼狮会当然也踊跃参与此活动=D
在丹中leo的努力下, 终于成功带动此活动, 得到丹南居民的热烈支持与响应


丹中的leo在PDG DR.TAN TSU KUN之诊所将收集到的书刊整理一番


好几次, 宣传时遭到一些住户的排斥, 但幼师们依然不放弃, 继续顶着大太阳宣传

Friday, September 14, 2012

谢谢所有伴随我们成长的Lions们 =D

当我看到这张照片时, 我的第一个想法就是 lion-leo relationship =D
没有Lion们的协助, 意见,  我们是无法那么顺利得完成所有计划的活动. 能说得除了感谢, 还是感谢=D

Hey! =D

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Friday, March 30, 2012

(Report )Leo Camp Sabah 2012

By : Leo Secretary Nava from Leo Club Of SM Chung Hwa



Leo Camp 2012 was organized by Vice President Leo Tan Sze Yang from SM Chung Hwa Tenom. The camp was held on 12th – 14th March, at Sabah Agricultural Park near Lagud Seberang Tenom. The theme for this camp is ‘’ WE BELIEVE WE CAN ‘’ This 3 day 2 nights camp was held to improve leaderships among Leos and to let the Leos have fun and enjoy besides building a friendly relationship with the other Leos from various parts of the state.

Before Anything else, we would like to show our appreciation to YB Datuk Peter Pang for sponsoring 150 T-shirts, PP Jamawi Jaafar for sponsoring RM1000, PP Ng Kiong for sponsoring RM600, Lion Vincent Yonh for sponsoring RM500, President Raymond Koh for sponsoring RM300, PP Anuar Mohd for sponsoring RM300, RC Chee Su Ken for sponsoring RM100 and Lion Jenny Chang and CO for sponsoring the breads and buns.

The Presiding Officer for Leo Camp 2012 was Leo Anthony Sia while the Chief Advisors were District Governor Dr. Tan Tsu Kun, Madam Helen Yong and Past District Governor James Teo. The Advisors were Zone Chairperson Lion Nikki Chong and District Chairperson Lion Ronny Hiew. The camp commander for this camp was Leo Tan Sze Hao. The secretary and treasurer were Leo Navamanee and Leo Voo Yu Peng respectively. The Master of Ceremony for the opening and closing ceremony were Leo Delia (English) and Leo Ng Shu Jiet (Mandarin). The banner was done by Leo Eunice Yoa.

On the first day of the camp, committee members which also included past Leos arrived early at the destination to do some preparations such as cleaning the toilets and the tent. We needed to make sure that everything is prepared before the participants. After some time, The KK Leos had arrived their destination safely with the help of Leo Yanis Pao Yan Ting and Leo Voo Yu Ying, who were in charge for transportation. During the registration, Leos were asked if they need a dining set, and then they chose their camp shirt and camp kits which were done by Leo Voo Yu Peng. Leo Lo Sheau Huey, Leo Siuwen Lee, Leo Eunice Yoa, Leo Anthony Sia and Leo Ng Shu Jiet helped with the registration. After the registration, the Leos had their lunch which was prepared by DG Dr. Tan’s family.

Leo Camp 2012 was participated by a total of 96 Leos from SM La Salle, SM All Saint, SM Ken Hwa Keningau, SM St. Francis Xavier, SM Tsung Tsin Tenom, and SM Chung Hwa Tenom. The committee members are from SM Chung Hwa Tenom. Leo Siuwen Lee did the grouping and accommodations well. The Leos were divided to 8 groups with 9 – 10 Leos each. While waiting for the arrival of Lion President Alan Thoo, the Leos spent some time introducing and knowing each other among their team. They chose a leader and designed a group flag. Later on that day, Lion President Alan from Lions Club of Damansara Metro Kuala Lumpur gave an interesting and enjoyable speech about ‘’ M.A.D’’ – Make A Difference. During the speech, teams are asked to create their team roar. After the speech, they went to take their bath and enjoyed dinner. The Opening ceremony was held at the multipurpose hall. After that, an exciting motivational talk was given by PP CK Chang. And then they went to bed after they had supper.

The next day, the campers were awoken by the special morning call done by the camp commander. Then the committee members gathered them at a wide area to do some stretching and simple work outs. And then they jogged around the camping island who was leaded by Leo Bernard Tham. They ate their breakfast as soon as they got back. After that, they were given another speech by Lion Marcus Loh, also from Lions CLub of Damansara Metro Kuala Lumpur on ‘’ How to Be an Effective Leader’’. There were some activities involved Leos to move around during the talk. They had a quick break after some time and then continued with an assignment done by President Alan Tho. After that, they have their free time to relax and know more about each other at the camping island. They ate their lunch after a few moments later. At this time, the working committees are discussing with PDG James Teo about the outdoor activities.

After the camp commander gather the Leos together and give some safety tips and a brief explanation about the rules and regulations. The groups soon depart for their upcoming adventurous journey to the ‘’games’’ meanwhile, they can enjoy the beautiful moment when being so close to Mother Nature. The outdoor activities are exciting and trilling as they acquire the Leos to think creatively and outside the box. There are a total of 9 stations waiting to be packed with laughter and joy. The 1st station is ‘’ The V-shaped wood’’. This game needs the Leos to work together and believe in each other to pass this station as it has two wood nailed together to form a v-shaped wood, and the members of the group need to get pass it by holding hands above your head and stepping on the wood only.

The 2nd station was called ‘’feet above’’. This game is really fun and wet. Group members were asked to form a circle and then lay on the ground and put their feet up together, everyone’s feet must be in the center, at this time, the working committee member taking charge will slowly count until 30 while pouring water on their feet. Marks are given based on how they perform during the challenge.

The 3rd station was funny, each of the groups have to pick a male member to wear a bra. Laughter in my ears! Everyone was laughing with joy and happiness. There were also make-ups available. There were a few groups have to create their bra and wear it because the bra was used up. And they need to wear it during the whole activity. Ng Shu Jiet was in charge of this game.

The 4th station, which is in charged by Lion Kelvin Chong, needs the Leos to roll across the muddy land pairs by pairs. The moment when the Leos are cheering for their group tells that they care and support each other and they are working together to overcome any situation.

The 5th station which is the maze game, this game acquires groups to form pairs and each of the pairs needs to be blind-folded while the other one instructs them throughout the maze. The working committee played them by spraying water while they were in the maze. Leo Anthony was in charge of this game.

The 6th station was all about leadership and co-operation among team members. As it needs the groups to split into pairs and every pair was given a piece of newspaper. If there were 1 remaining, he or she would be able to throw the balloons from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, where the other members are waiting to catch the falling balloons. And then, they need to bring the balloons up to the 3rd floor without making the balloon fall and maintain a flat surface of the newspaper. This game was in charged by Leo Yanis Pao and Leo Nava.

The 7th station needs the members to squad on a bench while one of the members passes through them one by one. This game needs the team members to co-operate in order to pass quickly, because squad for a long time is very tiring.

Last but not least, the 8th station, this station was rarely played by the teams because it was ‘hidden’ among the trees. Leo Delia was in charge of this game. Teams are given PVC pipes and a few marbles. They need to get the marble to the bucket by letting the marble to pass through the PVC pipe continuously.

Other than that, there’s a bonus station. This station was in charged by Leo Voo Yu Peng. Teams are needed to bring a balloon filled with water to the other side by hugging each other and not letting the balloons to burst. Time is limited, so they need to hurry up.

After the outdoor activities, the teams are gathered and PDG James Teo gave a brief talk about the situations that we will face in the future. He also told us about the changes that people have done. After that, he asked every team to send a reprehensive to tell everyone what he learned during the outdoor activity. And then he let the teams to bust the working committees, just for gags and fun. After they have bath and dinner, the happy hour of team presentations begins! The atmosphere rose up really quick. All of us have great and enjoyable time. After that, they went for sleep at around midnight. Some Leos are still having late night snacks. The last night at camp is always really sad because we are about to leave the friends that we have newly met. Maybe that’s why some Leos are still staying up all night chatting and telling jokes while disturbing other people’s precious sleep hour.

The last day of the camp had arrived. Leos are awoken by the siren made by the camp commander. They cleaned themselves and had breakfast. After that, the teams are given half an hour to discuss among their team mates about the improvement that was needed. Some of the group flags were taken by the working committees because they didn’t take care of it, but eventually they gave it back with the condition the teams must redo their team roar. The closing ceremony started at around 10am. The Leos packed their bags and said their good byes after the closing ceremony.

All of these games are just like the situations we will face one day in the future. Therefore, we need the courage and patients to overcome these situations. Besides that, communication and leadership skill is very important in a society. In this camp, Leos were able to think creatively and critically to solve problems. Other than that, they also learned that we need to sacrifice someone or something in order to get something. The most important of all, is we must never let the spirit of Leo and die off and we must be strong in overcoming any situations and never give up. As a matter of fact, this camp was a success! Roar! Roar! Roar!

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International Leo Day - A meaningful event

On 5th of December ( International Leo Day ) , Our Leo Club organized a birthday party for the Thalassemia Children in Tenom Hospital ... They were so happy

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