Sunday, July 11, 2010

SM Ken Hwa , keningao Installation Night .

On 10th of June 2010 , our club members :

Shirley Lai
Anthony Sia
Stephanie Gan
Yvonne Gan
Rachel Sia
En Su Jiet
Wu Pei Ying and
Jenny Lai

attended the installation night of SM Ken Hwa , we learnt a lot , especially on how to conduct a ceremony , and so on ...Others who attended were - SM Ken Hwa , SM Tsung Tsin and St Francis Saviour
Venue : Hotel Juta , 10th floor , Maple Floor ...
Time : 6.00 p.m

About 5 pm , most of the Leos were waiting for the bus in Dewan Antenom , the bus fare was Rm12.50 ( per head ), We arrived at about 6pm ......

After taking our dinner , most of us chatted with each other, took photographs besides exchanging and sharing ideas on how to improve and upgrade our clubs.
We departed Keningau at and arrived at around 11pm. Though tired, basically, sincerely we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

8 Leos.......who attended the installation night

from left: Jenny lai , Leo President Shirley Lai , Ng Shu Jiet , Leo President Huang Qi Jia and Leo Anthony Sia

Leo Anthony Sia

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