Friday, June 17, 2011

District 308-A2 Fiscal Year 2011-2012

District 308-A2 Fiscal Year 2011-2012

District Theme 区主题

“We Believe” “我們相信“

We BELIEVE, challenges Lions in the districts and clubs to demonstrate their belief by having the courage to make a commitment and take action and be confident that we can deliver.
This action will make visible the power of belief in the Lions clubs network of service; making an impact worldwide today and for the future.


District Logo 区徽

The synonym "" denotes Chinese character "信" . It symbolizes Lions are firm believers that we are dedicated volunteer Leaders who come together to offer help where help is needed with unmatched integrity and energy ,and making a difference every day , everywhere.

GOLD symbolizes happiness, prestige and strength in serving.

PURPLE symbolizes the quality of being noble in character, empathy, and influential, believe in our abilities and strengths with a strong desire to serve.

Vision 愿景

To enhance Lions image, prestige and acceptability of Lions Clubs in the community through services rendered.

To uphold our motto “We Serve” and continue with our strong commitment to provide meaningful services to the community.


Goals and Objectives 目标与宗旨

  1. To Promote greater transparency in Lions matters.
  2. Enhance Club Administration and Promote IT communication。
  3. Improve leadership quality through learning opportunity, leadership development, seminars publication and online training resources.
  4. Encourage membership growth, strengthening our membership, revitalizing and assist in the reorganization of weak clubs, and new club development. Promote My Club, My Family Program and Leo to Lion Program.
  5. Invest in Youth & Leo Program. Provide inspiring and leadership opportunities to youth volunteers through leadership training and community services. Promote Services for Children Program.
  6. Protect the natural environment and to sustain our resources for future generations.
  7. Encourage clubs to carry out worthwhile and meaningful projects.

  1. 力促会务透明化。
  2. 加强行政互联电脑化。
  3. 透过持续培训、讲座研讨及网上学习,提升领袖素质。
  4. 极力增员,巩固会员、强化狮会,开发新会。提倡我会我家,幼狮成狮, 一家亲活动方案。
  5. 投注儿童、幼狮及少年活动计划,通过培训、社区服务,创造机会,激发青年领导,负起责任。
  6. 维护自然生态,力行环保,确保资源世代受惠。
  7. 励狮会致力於有价值有意义的活动。

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